Our strategic goal is to create a comfortable, reliable and available charging infrastructure for both fleet operators and private EV owners. We offer a wide range of solutions covering all customers’ needs. Our products are suitable for commercial outdoor parking lots, bus depots and other electric vehicles. Our main features are fast charging, powerfulness, and weather proof. All our products are equipped with OCPP, payment features and can be managed locally and remotely.

We offer:

  • Elegant commercial DC solutions for the urban areas and for long distance roads
  • Powerful DC and modern solutions for fleet operators
  • Charging hub – combined DC charging stations configurated as master/slave with dynamic load management (DLM) algorythm
  • Commercial AC solutions for public parkings

EACharger DC-Public

A comfortable and elegant solution for road infrastructure, airports, shopping malls, stadiums etc. It supports CCS Combo2, CHAdeMO and AC charging standards.

EACharger DC-Bus

A powerful and reliable solution for fleet operators: city buses, city logistics, heavy duty machineries. The main standard is CCS Combo2, others are optional.

EACharger Hub

An intelligent solution for charging points that provides a possibility to charge many EV at one place using dynamic load management (DLM) algorithm. It could be implemented in combined (AC+DC) versions.

EACharger AC

A universal and attractive solution for the urban areas: municipal parking lots, airports, shopping malls, stadiums etc. Three-phase and one-phase variants up to 22kW AC with options for public places.