EACharger DC-Bus

Võimas ja töökindel lahendus autopargi operaatoritele.

The main feature of this class of chargers is powerfulness and reliability. We developed it for city bus depots, internal city logistics, and heavy-duty machineries. Usually, the main standard is CCS Combo2, others are optional.
Typically, it is installed in electric buses depot, track depot, airport internal infrastructure etc. EACharger DC-Bus charges the vehicle with DC current up to 350kW electric power (with pantograph up to 600kW). Automatic charging process make the service easy and comfortable to execute.
Due to high power, there is a risk to generate harmful harmonics and pay for unnecessary reactive power. To avoid this risk, we developed a special active harmonic filter which effectively terminates harmful harmonic distortions.

• Charge protocols: CAN + PLC 30 MHz + Control Pilot with PWM 1kHz
• Communication protocol: XML, TCP/IP (10/100BaseTX), ModBus RTU, ModBus TCP, NTP
• Communication interface: GPRS/GSM/CDMA/3G/4G LTE/LAN/RS‑485/Wi-­Fi/USB/Bluetooth
• Service socket Schuko inside
• Noise level: < 60 dBA
• Power range: 50 … 150 kW
• Voltage range: 200 … 500 V
• Standards: CCS Combo2, ChaDeMo, GB/T, AC Type2, others by request
• Technical support, aftersales service, training, documentation

Technical information

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