Now the electric vehicle proportion is dramatically rising all over the world. Some countries established inspirational goals of becoming zero-emission in the transport sector. We share this aspiration and contribute to the green future of our planet the best we can. Our background is ground power units for aviation industry, we have years of engineering experience in this area. We do it just well. Since that we developed a range of charging solutions for e-mobility.

We carefully learned our customers’ needs and completely understood them. We offer a complete product including equipment and service:

  • Equipment adjustment according to the actual needs
  • Basement installation (ground works at the location)
  • Electrical installation (wiring)
  • Software installation (backend, apps)
  • After-sales service (warranty, spare parts supply)
  • First line support (phone, chat)

As a manufacturer, developer and designer of charging solutions we are continuously working to improve our product. Whatever your needs, we can provide a complete solution for you that will minimize the installation expenses and costs of ownership of charging infrastructure.


2006 Company foundation
2013 New production facility
2015 Launching charging stations for aviation batteries onto the market
2018 Office in Tashkent, Jakarta, Dubai
2019 JSC ElectroAir Group established
2021 EV Charger development starting
2022 Launching charging stations for e-mobility

Our Team

Arsen Muradov PRODUCT MANAGER +372 5853 3560
Aleksandr Skrebnev SALES DIRECTOR