What are the general recommendations for EV drivers?
1. Look at your battery charging level. Don’t let it become empty.
2. Don’t charge you battery more 80% full. If you use fast (DC) charger, it doesn't make sense because after 80% the charging speed is going down. In most control system it happens by purpose to protect the battery. To save some time and money it is better to use slow charger to fill your battery.
What are the factors that affect the charging speed?
EACharger power (22, 50, 100, 150, 200 or more kW) – the more power, the higher speed. Battery type – sometimes there are a charging limitations by the manufacturer. Dynamic load management (DLM) system – sometimes there are a limitation connected with grid capacity.
Is it possible to charge 2 electric vehicles simultaneously CHAdeMO and CCS?
It depends on the certain charging station configuration and software. Usually, it is not possible with the nominal power less than 100kW. In this case only 1 connector can be in use. With the nominal power 100+kW it depends on the ordered software and hardware configuration.
What type of electric vehicles it is possible to charge at EACharger?
1. BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) – vehicles with an electric engine only. The common practice of BEV is that they can be charged with an AC or DC current.
2. PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle) – this is a car driven by a combustion and electric engine with possibility to charge its battery from a power grid. Most PHEV (but not all) can be charged using AC current only.
What is the difference between EACharger DC-Public and EACharger DC-Bus?
EACharger DC-Public has options that required for public places (payment, authorization, IP protection, vandal proof execution etc). The main features are comfort user interface for unskilled persons. EACharger DC-Bus is usually used in depot and some options are not needed. It operated by skilled personnel. The main features are high power and power management.
What is power balancing?
Power Balancing algorithm is being applicable in EACharger DC-Hub (group work). It automatically distributes the input power between the connected vehicles. It allows to avoid overload issues of the power grid, cost-intensive, prevent peak loads. In this case the maximum supplied power the consumption is limited by software.
What is dynamic load management (DLM)?
DLM is a special algorithm that balances energy consumption between charging station and other devices on site (private house, townhouse, company office etc.) where is charging station connected to the grid. Smart managing device usually installed at the distribution board or directly in the charging station. It makes charging consumption slower or even stop it when the other needs are high. This is a matter of priority.
What is the Smart Charging feature?
The Smart Charging is a complex software algorithm which includes several parts:
1. power balancing
2. set of maximum power peaks
3. prioritization of chargers, (4) planning integration – fully charged when time for service.
What OCPP does and why it is necessary?
The Open Charge Point Protocol is an application protocol for communication between Electric vehicle charging stations and a central management system, also known as a charging station network, like cell phones and cell phone networks. OCPP lets to share data out of charging station to collect and process. Also OCPP lets to manage the charging station. The increasing importance of OCPP is also evident from the fact that OCPP controllability of charging infrastructure is becoming a mandatory standard in certain areas, such as the Hamburg and Norderstedt grid area.
Is EACharger a fast charging station?
Normally DC chargers with nominal 50+kW are fast charging stations. From this point of view all DC EAChargers are fast. Those which more 300kW are superfast. It is often called “Level 3 charging speed”. Considering AC solutions, we would say this is slow charger (“Level 2 charging speed”).
What types of connectors (sockets) are available in EACharger?
In the case of AC chargers: connector Type 1 or connector Type 2 or socket Type 1 or socket Type 2. In the case of DC chargers: CHAdeMO or CCS Combo 2. Also, it is possible other types of connectors and different cable length. It depends of the project requirements.
How the security of my data is being provided?
We use secure protocol of data exchange. We keep the personal data in protected cloud database. We use a private data network for the connection between EACharger and database.
How is support organized by the manufacturer?
We provide a hardware training and software training for the customer. We keep on our store the store parts during 10 years after sale. We consult technical stuff of the customer continuously. In special cases our experts come to the site to solve the situation.
How the firmware and software are being upgraded?
This is a very important matter. The situation at the market is changing and new features appear within the new models of vehicles. We look carefully to support the last version of the firmware and software. The customer must do nothing special regarding this. We do it remotely online.
How to get the last version of the documentation?
All customer documentation is being supplied together with the equipment within sales. But you may download the latest version from our website. This is free of charge.
What should I consider making an installation?
In case you order wall mounted device you have to follow the installation manual. It is not required any special skills except normal electrical installation. In case of DC solution or freestanding AC solution you have to prepare a basement. It includes ground works, cable installation, concrete works. All technical details are available in the installation manual.
Is it possible to get a custom branding equipment?
Yes, it is. You may send us your corporate ID and wishes within the order. We adjust the design and make it after approvement.
Are there any limitation regarding logistics?
We ship internationally to customers around the world. More details you can find in terms and conditions chapter.
Should the customer have a special app for EACharger?
No. It is not necessary. Usually we supply backend software to integrate it into the existing system using mobile and desktop applications.
Is it possible to combine AC and DC charging processes in one device?
Yes, it is. Combined charging station are based on DC solutions (EACharger-Public, EACharger-Bus).