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EACharger DC-public

A reliable and and elegant solution for rapid charging in public places, including highways, shopping centers, gas stations, and other high-traffic areas. The DC charging station is compatible with CCS Combo2, CHAdeMO, and AC charging standards.

Main features:
  • Secure and durable at the design level
  • Various safety mechanisms for comprehensive protection
  • Latest software and online updates
  • Scalable power range

EACharger AC

A universal and attractive solution for urban areas: municipal parking lots, airports, shopping malls, stadiums, etc. It allows saving on installation and operational expenses. Three-phase and single-phase variants up to 22kW AC, with options for public places.

Main features:
  • Easy setup and installation
  • Complete compatibility with OCPP 1.6J
  • Dynamic load management (DLM) algorithm
  • Wide range of customization possibilities
EACharger AC Charging Station

EACharger DC-Bus

A powerful and easy-to-use DC charging station for electric busses and electric heavy-duty vehicles. Ideal solution for fleet operators, including freight carriers, city bus companies and trucking companies. The main standard is CCS Combo2, others are optional.

Main features:
  • Charging sessions monitoring and reporting
  • Load balancing with remote control
  • Prioritization and reservation capabilities
  • Integration with existing software
EACharger DC-Bus Charging Station

EACharger Hub

An intelligent solution for charging points that allows the charging of multiple electric vehicles at one location using a Dynamic Load Management algorithm. It offers the flexibility of implementation in combined versions, supporting both AC and DC charging stations.

Main features:
  • Centralized charging management system
  • Flexibility for customization to suit specific requirements
  • Customer reports and recommendations
  • Power balancing based on real-time conditions
EACharger HUB EV Charger with Sattelites

Who Are We?

ElectroAir is an Estonian company, founded in 2006, specializing in the design, development and manufacturing Ground Power Units for aviation industry. With a well-recognized presence and involvement in various projects worldwide, we prioritize environmental care by reducing our carbon footprint. This journey led us to explore the world of e-mobility, and in 2021, we strategically decided to expand our product portfolio with cutting-edge charging solutions for electric vehicles, resulting in the successful launch and installation of the first EACharger within a year. The EACharger has proven to be an excellent performer, establishing itself as a reliable and modern EV charging station. With our commitment to continuous improvement, we ensure that our products maintain exceptional quality and innovation.

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