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EACharger DC-public

A comfortable and elegant solution for road infrastructure, airports, shopping malls, stadiums etc. It supports CCS Combo2, CHAdeMO and AC charging standards.

Main features:

  • Security at the design level – IP54, vandal proof enclosure
  • Protection against electric shock and overvoltage – MCB, RCD type A, IMD, SPD
  • Software security – OCPP 1.6, online update
  • Scalable power range

EACharger DC-Bus

A powerful and reliable solution for fleet operators: city buses, city logistics, heavy duty machineries. The main standard is CCS Combo2, others are optional.

Main features:

  • Charging sessions overview and reporting
  • Remote control and monitoring
  • Load balancing, prioritization, possibility of reservation
  • Integration with the existing software

EACharger Hub

An intelligent solution for charging points that provides a possibility to charge many EV at one place using dynamic load management (DLM) algorithm. It could be implemented in combined (AC+DC) versions.

Main features:

  • Balancing power depending on daytime, schedule, current load etc.
  • Customer reports and recommendations
  • Customizable

EACharger AC

A universal and attractive solution for the urban areas: municipal parking lots, airports, shopping malls, stadiums etc. Three-phase and one-phase variants up to 22kW AC with options for public places. It allows saving on installation and operational expenses.

Main features:

  • Easy to install
  • OCPP 1.6 support
  • Dynamic load management (DLM) algorithm
  • Customizable

Who we are

We are a manufacturer of EV charging solutions from Estonia. Originally, we have a background in developing and manufacturing ground power units for aviation industry. We really take care about carbonic footprint and therefore we decided to start a new product, chargers for electrical vehicles.

There are both DC (fast, ultrafast) and AC (slow) solutions in our product range. As a manufacturer, developer and designer we are involved in projects worldwide.

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