EV Charging Stations

ElectroAir is an Estonian manufacturer of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (EVCS), is committed to establishing a dependable and accessible charging infrastructure that empowers the widespread adoption of electric vehicles, contributing to a sustainable and greener future. With a focus on quality and innovation, we produce a wide range of solutions that cater to diverse customer needs, including fast AC and rapid DC charging stations.

Our EV chargers are known for their fast charging, powerful performance, and weather resistance, all powered by clean and renewable green energy sources. Additionally, they are equipped with OCPP and payment features, allowing for local and remote management.

What sets us apart is our ability to tailor each charging unit to perfectly suit your requirements. We prioritize innovation and user-friendliness, ensuring our chargers are compatible with various electric car models and industry standards.

At ElectroAir, we are passionate about providing quality and innovative green energy solutions for electric vehicle market. Choose ElectroAir for a greener and cleaner tomorrow. Reach out to us at to learn more or get in touch with our team. With ElectroAir, you’ll find the quality, innovation, and environmental responsibility you need for the electric vehicle charging.

We offer:

  • Elegant commercial DC solutions for the urban areas and for long distance roads
  • Powerful DC and modern solutions for fleet operators
  • Charging hub – combined DC charging stations configurated as master/slave with dynamic load management (DLM) algorithm
  • Commercial AC solutions for public parkings

EACharger DC-Public

A reliable and and elegant solution for rapid charging in public places, including highways, shopping centers, gas stations, and other high-traffic areas. The DC charging station is compatible with CCS Combo2, CHAdeMO, and AC charging standards.

EACharger AC

A universal solution for urban areas: municipal parking lots, airports, shopping malls, stadiums, etc. It allows saving on installation and operational expenses. Three-phase and single-phase variants up to 22kW AC, with options for public places.

EACharger DC-Bus

A powerful and easy-to-use DC charging station for electric busses and electric heavy-duty vehicles. Ideal solution for fleet operators, including freight carriers, city bus companies and trucking companies. The main plug is CCS Combo2, others are optional.

EACharger Hub

An intelligent solution for charging points that allows the charging of multiple electric vehicles at one location using a Dynamic Load Management algorithm. It offers the flexibility of implementation in combined versions, supporting both AC and DC charging stations.