EACharger AC

EV Charging station AC

Introducing EACharger AC, the advanced AC EV Charging station tailored for Electric Vehicles (EVs) and fully compliant with Mode 3 charging standards. This cutting-edge charging solution opens up a world of possibilities, with various ideal locations for installation, including municipal parking lots, road infrastructure, special charging hubs, airports, shopping malls, and stadiums, among others.

Designed for versatility, EACharger AC is compatible with electric vehicles equipped with either Type 2 or Type 1 sockets onboard, ensuring seamless charging for a wide range of EV models. With a remarkable electric power capacity of up to 44kW in 3-phase configuration, this charging station guarantees efficient and rapid charging, enabling you to keep your electric vehicle fully charged and ready to hit the road.

EACharger AC comes equipped with a variety of options specifically tailored for public use, enhancing convenience and accessibility. The inclusion of an RFID reader allows for secure and seamless authentication, while the integrated payment terminal ensures hassle-free payment processing for charging services. Additionally, a graphic display offers real-time charging status updates and important information to users.

The station offers flexibility in terms of its configuration, with options for 1 or 2 outputs equipped with either sockets or cable and connectors. This adaptability allows for a seamless fit into various charging infrastructures, catering to different needs and requirements.

One of the standout features of EACharger AC is its ability to be combined into charging hubs for enhanced collaboration. In this mode, the station utilizes dynamic load management (DLM) technology to optimize power distribution efficiently. By employing an intelligent algorithm, the charging hub ensures that the maximum possible power is delivered to the individual chargers, without overloading the electrical system. This innovation not only streamlines the charging process but also promotes grid stability and energy efficiency.

With EACharger AC, embracing electric mobility has never been easier. Whether you’re a public facility, a business, or an EV owner, this state-of-the-art charging station offers a reliable and future-proof solution for your electric vehicle charging needs. Unlock the potential of sustainable transportation today with EACharger AC and contribute to a greener, cleaner future for all.


Main features:

  • Easy to install and operate.
  • Upgradable OCPP 1.6 data interchanging protocol.
  • Dynamic load management (DLM) algorithm implementation.
  • Customizable solution.
Universality All types of sockets/connectors are available. Wallmounted & Freestanding.
Smart charging Max power peaks and load balancing. Booking and prioritization. Planning Integration.
Backend integration We provide all the information about charging processes to existing information system or supply new software solution.
DC charging icon EACharger Plug-play
Plug & Go Designed for unskilled persons. Just plug in and go. All other things charger makes itself.

Technical information

Ambient conditions -40 … +50°С with humidity 5 … 95%, indoor/outdoor execution

Wireless and wire communication (control & monitoring), OCPP

Energy measuring, payment service, invoicing, roaming, mobile App

Charging mode 3, charging speed – Level 2

Wallmounted or freestanding. Standards: Type2

Technical support, aftersales service, trainings, documentation.

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