Charging or changing

There is a point of view that the future is not for charging stations, as such, but for so-called automatic battery changing centers (BCC) where spent discharged batteries can be replaced with charged ones with the robot assistance. The driver pays for the amount of energy received, the price of which already includes payment for […]

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Operation of an active filter in a DC charging station

The plan and main idea of this material is as follows. To begin with, let’s figure out what harmonics are and why having harmonics in the network is bad. Then we will find out how, generally, they can be fought and how effective such a struggle can be. In the following, we will show why it is worth paying attention to parasitic harmonics when operating a DC charging station. And finally, let’s consider the operation of an active harmonic filter as a separate device, and as part of a DC charging station.

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Emission during the life-cycle of vehicles

The overview of the ICCT report “A global comparison of the life-cycle greenhouse gas emissions of combustion engine and electric passenger cars”

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