EACharger DC

What is DC Fast Charging station?

The DC Fast Charging stations, known as EACharger DC, offer a convenient and stylish solution for places like roads, airports, malls, and stadiums. Notably, they work with CCS Combo2 by default, but if desired, you can choose CHAdeMO or AC charging. Additionally, these versatile stations can be installed in various locations, including roads, special charging hubs, airports, malls, and stadiums.

Moreover, you have the flexibility to select the charging power in increments of 50kW, and the station is capable of charging two cars simultaneously. Furthermore, these stations are equipped with convenient features for authorization and payment, such as an RFID reader and a card payment terminal. Ensuring durability, they come with robust protective covers designed to withstand various weather conditions in any climate zone. Lastly, for user-friendly interactions, the stations boast a graphic display, providing easy communication during the charging process.

We do understand that EACharger DC-Public will be used by unskilled private persons and we take care about the safety:

  • Security at the design level – IP54, vandal proof enclosure
  • Protection against electric shock and overvoltage – MCB, RCD type A, IMD, SPD
  • Software security – OCPP 1.6, online update
  • Scalable power range
DC charging icon EACharger
Multistandard Support all international charging standards: CCS Combo2, ChaDeMo, GBT, AC charging. Easy to choose, easy to charge.
DC charging icon EACharger Plug-play
Plug & Play Designed for unskilled persons. Just plug in and go. All other things charger makes itself.
DC charging icon EACharger 2 EV simultaneously
2 EV simultaneously It is possible to use unused connector even somebody is already occupied one.
DC charging icon EACharger - Invoicing & Roaming
Invoicing & Roaming Wherever you are you get your invoice after your charging procedure. The other information is also available through app.

Technical information

Ambient conditions -40 … +50°С with humidity 5 … 95%, indoor/outdoor execution

Wireless and wire communication (control & monitoring), OCPP

Commercial energy measuring, payment & invoicing & roaming

Charging mode 3, charging speed – Level 3 (80% / 0.5h)

Standards: CCS Combo2, ChaDeMo, GB/T, AC Type2, others by request

Technical support, aftersales service, trainings, documentation.

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