EACharger DC-Public

This is a comfortable and elegant solution for road infrastructure, airports, shopping malls, stadiums etc. It supports CCS Combo2, CHAdeMO and AC charging standards. Typical places to install: road infrastructure objects, special charging hubs, airports, shopping malls, stadiums etc. The output power could be chosen with 50kW increment. It is possible to charge up to 2 cars simultaneously. This station is equipped with authorization and payment features: RFID reader, card payment terminal. Robust protective casing is fully prepared for the weather conditions in every climatic zone. The graphic display provides a comfortable communication.

We do understand that EACharger DC-Public will be used by unskilled private persons and we take care about the safety:

  • Security at the design level – IP54, vandal proof enclosure
  • Protection against electric shock and overvoltage – MCB, RCD type A, IMD, SPD
  • Software security – OCPP 1.6, online update
  • Scalable power range
Multistandard Support all international charging standards: CCS Combo2, ChaDeMo, GBT, AC charging. Easy to choose, easy to charge.
Plug & Play Designed for unskilled persons. Just plug in and go. All other things charger makes itself.
2 EV simultaneously It is possible to use unused connector even somebody is already occupied one.
Invoicing & Roaming Wherever you are you get your invoice after your charging procedure. The other information is also available through app.

Technical information

Ambient conditions -40 … +50°С with humidity 5 … 95%, indoor/outdoor execution

Wireless and wire communication (control & monitoring), OCPP

Commercial energy measuring, payment & invoicing & roaming

Charging mode 3, charging speed – Level 3 (80% / 0.5h)

Standards: CCS Combo2, ChaDeMo, GB/T, AC Type2, others by request

Technical support, aftersales service, trainings, documentation.

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