Ingenious Inventions are Born in Tallinn

The Tallinn newspaper “Pealinn” published an article today titled “Ingenious Inventions are Born in Tallinn”. In this article, smart new solutions tested within the program “Test in Tallinn” program by various companies are discussed.

Within the “Test in Tallinn” program, the experimentation of innovative electric vehicle charging stations is currently underway. Stanislav Suvorov, the regional sales manager of the company ElectroAir, noted that previously, it took them almost four months to find a suitable testing location. They needed an electric grid with suitable parameters, but all locations were occupied, and finally, one was found in Elva. However, with the help of Tallinn now, the testing work has gained momentum, as a larger city offers more opportunities to access the electric infrastructure.

The solution offered by the company allows electric vehicle owners not only to charge their vehicles but also to feed energy back into the grid. This helps to balance the electric grid and transforms electric cars from passive consumers into active participants in the energy system.
There is also experimentation with smart charging options to maximize the use of cheaper energy.
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