Key advantages of EACharger AC

EACharger AC

Key advantages of EACharger AC

  • Constructive and hardware ability of replacing plug with a cable for a socket and vice versa;
  • Backup function by built-in battery 12V to unlock the socket and correctly completion of the charging session (normal shutdown) in the event of a sudden loss of the main grid power;
  • Built-in auto-heater, allowing the charger to be used in cold environments;
  • Fully complete product in terms of protection within the enclosure (overcurrent
    by MCB, overvoltage by SPD, overtemperature by thermostat, earth leakage by RCCB);
  • All disconnect devices (MCB, RCCB) contain control module RS-485, which made it possible to implement auto-reclosing algorithm;
  • Auto-reclosing algorithm prevents switching devices from being switched on again while the plug is connected to the EV, which provides additional security and protection;
  • Dynamic load management (DLM) algorithm

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