Launching EA Charger

Famous manufacturer of reliable and high-quality equipment for the needs of the aviation industry, ElectroAir made a strategic decision last year in 2021 to release a completely new product line.

It was decided to develop the production of charging stations for electric vehicles. This is not just a tribute to fashion, it is a conscious choice of the direction of development, associated with concern for the environment and the future of our planet. This is our contribution to reducing our carbon footprint in the atmosphere.

Today we can confidently say that the many days of efforts of our circuit engineers, designers, programmers, designers and other specialists were not in vain. We saw firsthand how the charging station works, how it exchanges data with real cars and breathes new environmentally friendly kilometers into them.

We consider the launch of the charging station a significant milestone in the development of the company and express our deep gratitude to all those involved in this event.

In the photo: the charging station in the process of testing.


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